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African Americans are Africans who were forcefully taken out of the African continent to the Americas as far back as the 15th century through the Atlantic ocean. This movement was known as slavery as most of the Africans were taken out of their own will and were forced to worked in the America plantations. While in the Americas some slaves were transported to Europe and some were disperse in the Caribbeans and South America precisely Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Guyana, Brazil and so fort. Africa lost 80% of its population during the slave trade era while 60% of that slave trade population was below 30 years old, 20% were below 40 years. 60% of that slave trade population were men while 20% were women, this goes to explain to you why most African Americans in one point have American Indians and Whites in their families. The population that was left in Africa was 20% most of whom were above 50 years old.

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