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Africa is a continent and made up of 54 countries. Some individuals refers to Africa as a country and think the country is so small that if you are from Africa you should know everybody from Africa. While some calls it the jungle and thinks everybody lives in hurt and on top of trees, and are all starving with no food, some have acted right and carried on a lot of research on their own without actually listening to the media. Researchers have proclaimed Africa as the oldest continent in the world, a mother continent where everybody came from and a continent that gave birth to civilization. Africa been the richest continent in the world, it wealth has not widely influence its population as 70% of Africa's population still lives below the poverty line, how ever it is the fastest growing continent as of statistics 2010, with its population over a billion.

Origin of Africans

Africans didn't originate from no where, some school of thoughts said Africans are the oldest homo sapiens to have lived in the planet. It is the continent where civilization took it birth precisely in Egypt.


Social and Economic



How many countries in Africa

Africa just like any other continent in the world, is divided into 54 countries, each with its own uniqueness. These countries include;