African American Ancestry and Re-connection to the Motherland

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African Ancestry in the past days have become more a reality than a myth. A lot of African Americans through in the past days have traced their ancestry not only to the African continent but to particular countries like Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and so fort. Out of these countries, Cameroon has stood up strong as one of the country where Many African Americans in recent days have traced their ancestry to. A case in point is Dr. Lisa Aubrey who did not only accepts the fact that, she is a Cameroonian but have also enable other colleagues to take a pilgrimage trip to Bimbia, Cameroon. African American Ancestry and re-connection to the motherland in the past was inevitable. Most Blacks Americans associated themselves with American Indians and Irish than Africans and felt no reason travelling to Africa. But today the re-connection has become more of a reality than a dream. Many of our brothers and sisters are reclaiming their nationality of origin, taking pilgrimage to Africa precisely Bimbia, Goree, Accra and Ouidah.

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