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Kamerpedia is a public wiki created to help people who want to be known to the public. Kamer was first used in German to mean chamber or a room and Pedia which might be link to a set of knowledge, might just come to confirm the word Kamerpedia. Chamber of knowledge where people can expose various forms of information.

Origin of Kamerpedia

'''Kamerpedia''' was born in the United States of America in 2010 but became productive in 2014. It was mentored by a group of five in Los Angeles, California who took their time to metamorphose the structures of '''kamerpedia'''. '''Kamerpedia''' as it is known, is not only a database of library but also an engine of acquiring information.

Founding fathers of Kamerpedia

Kamerpedia founding fathers did a lot to make this website running. Jason Buloski, was the brain behind Kamerpedia. After College, he contacted closed friends of his, Regina Sanders, Jeunome White Roland, Mike Break and Gerard Wolf met in Los Angeles, California to brainstorm the platforms and structures of Kamerpedia. It was a success, and various titles were taking into consideration. In early 2014, Jeunome White Roland took over the helm of Kamerpedia as the new CEO.